Supercharge Your Financial Advice Lead-Gen (with 1 Simple Ad Strategy)

Quality leads are the lifeblood of any financial advice firm wanting to grow. 

Chances are, if you’re like some of my clients, you’ve tried digital marketing in the past, only to be disappointed. 

That’s because most digital agencies find one thing that works, then try to make it work for every client they have. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar: 

“We’re going to attract leads with proven intent via Google Ads, then turn them into hot leads for you using a conversion landing page”

If a digital agency pitches you this strategy – run for the hills. 

And if you’ve already tried this strategy in the past – I’m going to share why it didn’t work. 

How can I share these insights? 

For the last 6 years (out of a 12 year digital marketing career), I’ve been running lead-gen digital campaigns across 30+ industries. In my last year managing a full service agency, we generated well over 20,000 leads using a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. 

So I’d like to let you in on what doesn’t work, so you can focus on what does

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Why cold traffic Google Ads to a conversion landing page doesn’t work for financial advice firms

Leveraging qualified search intent traffic from Google Ads and sending them to a conversion landing page is one of my favourite digital marketing strategies.

It really is. 

Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the best sources of traffic online. 

Keyword targeting allows you incredible flexibility to zero-in on users actively searching for solutions to problems. 

It can be like taking candy from a baby – for the right type of business.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user enters a highly qualified search term that indicates they’re searching for a solution to an immediate problem
  • You create a Google Ad to attract that person
  • When the user clicks, they’re directed to a webpage that’s heavily designed for conversion (for the user to make an enquiry) 

Here’s an example using a perfect type of business for a Google Ad to landing page campaign:

User searches Google and sees your Ad:

User clicks your ad and goes to this page: 

Now, if the page is optimised for conversion, it’s likely that between 5% and 20% of all visitors will make an enquiry (I’ve had pages with 40%+ conversion rates).

Great, right? 

However if you’ve tried this approach for your financial advice firm, my guess is you’ve been disappointed with the results. 

Why doesn’t this work?

It comes down to one word: Trust. 

(Building trust is so important that I devoted an entire article to share my top trust building techniques – 34 Powerful Trust Building Content Tools for Financial Advice Firms).

It takes a lot more than catchy sales copy and conversion orientated design to get someone who doesn’t know you, to trust you enough to want you to manage their entire financial life. 

But thankfully, once you realise what to do instead, your whole approach to marketing becomes so much easier…

The #1 thing missing (fix this and all your marketing gets easier)


Yes, I’m making a dating analogy! 💘

But for good reason…

So many firms are just not romancing their Ideal Clients with their marketing. 

Here’s another metaphor:

It’s like they’re out at the bar and starting every conversation with the opposite sex by asking, “My place, or yours?”

Sure, 1% of the time it will work and you’ll score. 

But most of the time you’re gonna leave with the side of your face red raw.

Instead, think about the typical way we develop relationships – it happens over time, and in stages.

Understanding this insight was instrumental in developing the Ideal Client Journey

Just like you don’t walk up to a stranger and ask “my place or yours?”, we shouldn’t predict every new visitor to our website wants to jump into bed with us either. 

Instead, we attract and engage, then subscribe.

How do we do that? With quality content. 

I go deep into how to do this in my free article, What financial advice clients REALLY want

But in short: 

Help your Ideal Clients to move from where they are now (an undesirable state) to where they want to be (their dream state). 

Your content should focus on this. 

When you create the right content that speaks to the heart of your Ideal Clients, you’ll see them respond. 

That article / social post / podcast / video / email (it could be any format), will naturally have more: 

  • Page views (as reported in Google Analytics)
  • Time on Page (as reported in Google Analytics)
  • Likes
  • Comments 
  • Shares
  • Replies
  • Enquiries

If you’ve developed a piece of content that’s hitting the mark like this, then it’s time to use it to supercharge your lead-gen…

The simple ad strategy that supercharges financial advice lead-gen

So you’ve got a winning piece of content?

The kind of content that: 

  • Speaks to the heart of your Ideal Client 
  • Solves an urgent problem 
  • Moves them in the direction of their dream 
  • Delivers unquestionable proof
  • Offers a compelling and low-risk Call to Action (CTA)

Now we’re going to fire it up with a promotional strategy. 

Your promotional strategy is how you’ll get this piece of content out to hundreds (or thousands) of new prospects. 

My go-to technique is digital ads.

How’s it work? 

Depending on your Ideal Client, you’ll use Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or any number of other platforms to promote your content.

(You need to choose the right platform based on where your Ideal Clients hang out). 

You’ll run 2 campaigns: 

1. Cold traffic ads

This campaign goes out to NEW audience (people who don’t know you). 

Think of this campaign as falling into the ‘Unaware’ or ‘Engage’ stages of your Ideal Client Journey.

This ad will feature your content and invite users to click through and read the content on your blog.

To give you an example, here’s a mockup of a fictional ad: 

When a user clicks on this ad, they’re taken to your blog where they can read the case study. 

Here you are using your content to build trust, develop the relationship, and make a Call to Action. 

At the end of the Case Study, you make a free offer to download a SMSF Starter Pack (your Lead Magnet which gives readers the actionable information to put the SMSF strategy into place) – in exchange for their contact details

If the Lead Magnet offer is high quality (learn what makes a high performing lead magnet in my online course, Content Marketing for Financial Advice), a decent % of readers will become leads.

For the readers who don’t, you target these with your next ad campaign:

2. Remarketing offer ads

In this ad campaign, you will be running ads to people who visited your case study blog post, but who did NOT become a lead. 

The ad creative should focus strictly on the offer – your lead magnet. 

Here’s another fictitious example: 

When users click this ad, they’re taken to a conversion optimised landing page which asks the user for their name & email (sometimes also phone), in exchange for access to the lead magnet. 

Think of this campaign as falling into the ‘Subscribe’ stage of your Ideal Client Journey.

Simple right?

I’ve lost count of how many professional services firms I’ve helped supercharge their lead flow using this strategy!

Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes 😀 

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